The Latest 3 SOPHISTICATED Gadgets


Today we use various electronic gadgets in our daily life .With the advancement of technology new sophisticated gadgets are coming up that enable people from doing their work with increased efficiency, bringing joy and fun and they also encourage innovation and creativity.
In this article we will talk about latest 3 amazing gadgets.


lumio is a unique rechargeable gadget that serves as lightning for home or office. It looks like a wooden book which measures 8.5 inches tall, 7 wide and 1.25 thick. Lumio can open a full 360° to display pages list with beautiful light and is capable up to 8 hours of battery life.

Human hoist

This gadgets does not make use of any metal or technology to carry out its effect. it is an innovative combination of shop chair and creeper. It helps you lift yourself up from a sitting position and vice versa through the use of a joystick which can then be manipulated to tilt or rotate in any angle in 10 degree increment.With the human voice it can automatically adjust your body to suit whatever position is best for the particular activity you are involved in. Good for disabled or injured people as well as in car mechanics.

Tajima Seiryo Helmet Cooling fan

In order to avoid heat stroke from the burning temp.of summer Tajima Seiryo Helmet Cooling fan- a portable device that creates a cool breeze for you. The cooling helmet stays secure at the base of your skull with a silicon funnel that is connected to a powerful high speed fan. All needed to use this cooling helmet is to activate it by pushing a button and the cooling air stream is channeled from the fan through the mini tunnel both under your helmet and in the neck and back of the head area. This is capable of working for up to straight hours at a stretch.