SAMSUNG 6G – The First Ever Contender Of 6G technology !!!

samsung 6g technology

To launch 5G technology in India, there is a competition between the country’s top telecom companies – Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel on who launches 5G first. Samsung has declared to achieve 5000 percent faster speed than 5G in 6G technology research, on the other side.
Yes you heard right, South Korean electronics company Samsung has declared to achieve 5000 percent faster speed than 5G in 6G technology research.

Samsung Electronics’ Senior Vice President and Head of Product Strategy, Network Business, Vonil Roh, said in a company presentation on the new 5G transmission equipment that Samsung has achieved a speed of 5.23 gigabits per second (Gbps) on 5G networks.

samsung 6g

6G technology will create a world of opportunities with a diverse array of emerging technologies that will shape the emerging experiences and services paradigm. We are excited to make 6G a reality. In fact we have already demonstrated Terahertz communication which shows our progress with 6G.

Sunghyun Choi (senior vice president of network business and head of advanced communications research, Samsung Electronics)

In the presentation, we could see that Samsung’s 6G technology is 50 times faster than 5G. The main user of 6G will be both human and machines. Also 6G will be characterized by provision of advanced services such as truly immersive extended reality (XR), high-fidelity mobile hologram and digital replica.

Launching Programme of SAMSUNG 6G Technology

According to the company’s white paper, we can expect from Samsung to complete the 6G launch and testing by at least 2028 and widespread commercialization around 2030.

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